Offering a range of services for both emerging or established brands. Including Tech Packs, Garment Flat Drawings, Lookbook Design and more.



Also known as a 'design spec', tech packs  are the blueprint of your design helping to ensure you are getting realistic estimates and minimise multiple sample requests, getting you to production smoother and faster.

Preparing your designs into clear and detailed informative files ready for your factory.

Files Include:

  • Detailed flat drawings (CAD) and informative notes

  • Bill of materials (BOM)

  • Illustrated points of measure (POM)

  • Editable spec sheets

  • Industry standard layout

  • All prepared in a way so that both you and your supplier will understand all contents



Also known as 'technical flats' or 'CADs'. Transforming your rough sketch or photo reference of the design concept into a detailed flat technical drawing.


Ideal for meetings with suppliers pre-sampling stage to help them visualise the designs you would like to produce and can also be used for line sheets.



/ line sheets

Attract buyers and inspire your clients with a beautiful contemporary lookbook and detailed informative line sheets. 

Prepared for both print and onscreen viewing.

Files Include:

  • High quality print ready pdf file with crop and bleed marks

  • Smaller pdf file thats email size friendly for you to send out / upload

  • Digital link of your lookbook as a flipbook (page-turning effect)

  • Interactive elements such as hyperlinks



Trend reports curated from the worlds number 1 fashion forecasters for mens, womens, kids and baby. If you are starting your collection, these reports will get you inspired and on the right track to ensure you're showing buyers and consumers what they are looking for saving you alot of time and money going forward.

A wide selection of what will be trending the coming seasons for clothing and accessories shapes, colours, fabrics and more for SS21, AW20_22, SS22


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