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If you are just starting a clothing brand or looking for sustainable and ethical production, here is a list of reputable clothing suppliers and manufacturers for startups and established brands to help you on your way.

Fabric Drop

United Kingdom Clothing Manufacturers

(Lancashire - High quality, multiple clothing styles)

(Manchester - Ladies clothing with sample making in the Uk and production overseas)

(London - Wide range of clothing and proudly support small brands)

(London - Proudly support startups, small and established brands)

(London, Germany, International - Specialises in atheleisure, active lifestyle clothing and custom embroidery / printwork)


USA Clothing Manufacturers

(Massachusetts, US - High quality and low moq)

(New York, US - Superior garments at reasonable prices)

(LA, US - Supports small and established brands)

(Portland, US - Zero-waste, ethical award-winning manufacturer)


Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers in Europe

(Spain - High quality sustainable, ethical manufacturer with OEKO-TEX and GOTs certifications)

(Turkey - Wide range of clothing styles at a reasonable price. Ethical and even their building is eco-friendly)

(Portugal - High quality sustainable, ethical manufacturer with OEKO-TEX, GOTs and low MOQ)

(Turkey - Multi product garment manufacturer)


Asia Clothing Manufacturers

(India - Supports small and established brands)
(UK, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam - Multi-product ethical garment manufacturer)

(China - High quality menswear)

(Bali, Indonesia - Swimwear)


Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers (UK)

(Milton Keynes - Fairtrade, organic clothing and custom embroidery and printwork)

(London - High quality, low minimum, ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturer)
(Leicester - Multi-range ethical clothing manufacturer)

(Nottingham - Sustainable, responsible clothing manufacturer in every way)

(Reading Berkshire - Ethical clothing manufacturer with low MOQ for startup brands)


Sustainable Eco Fabric Suppliers


Garment Brand Labels

(Leeds, UK)

(UK / Germany / International)

(São João da Madeira, Portugal)

(Philadelphia, USA)


Good Questions to Ask Manufacturers

Are you taking new customers?

What is your minimum order quantity?

What is the cost for sampling?

Do you reduce the charge of sampling from the production price?

What are the payment terms?

What is your lead time for samples / production?

What is your capacity?

What services do you provide?

What is your specialty?

How do you handle delays?

Do you have any certifications?

What other brands do you work for?

Will you sign an NDA?

What is your quality control procedure?


Types of Clothing Manufacturing

CMT (Cut, make, trim) - In a nutshell this means the manufacturer will make the clothing but you have to supply the fabric, trims etc. Can work out cheaper but if you're just starting out, it may be best to use FFP.

FPP (Full Production Package) - This is where the manufacturer does everything from sourcing the fabrics to making the clothing. This is ideal especially at the sample stage.

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